Large memory issues

David Landgren david at
Wed Aug 27 13:57:32 PDT 2003

Irvine Short wrote:
>>>and then later it says on the console something like:
>>>256MB of RAM over 4GB ignored.
>>>Seems silly to waste 256MB RAM so any hints would be appreciated here
>>How can you address more than 2^32 bytes of RAM with a 32 bit
>>processor? :)
> Yeah, I know about PAE, but it's a 4GB machine so why is there 256MB over
> the 4GB limit?

I dunno, if you count the chips what do you come up with?

I recently bought a whole pile of servers (HP DL380s if you've been 
following my trials and tribulations) that are designed to accept up to 
6Gb on the motherboard. I think it's a bit of a gimmick really.

One of the servers came bundled with 4.5Gb RAM. We wanted 4Gb, but the 
machine comes with 512 by default (2x256 chips [1]). Our supplier just 
stuck in 4x1Gb chips without bothering to remove the existing chips. As 
the servers all had different chip sizes, 256Mb, 512 and 1Gb, by mixing 
and matching I was able to remove the wasted 512Mb and install it in 
another server. Maybe you can do something like that. Or put it on a 
shelf for spare parts.


[1] DIMMs, SIMMs, whatever they call them these days.

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