Problem with Adelphia connection

fbsd_user fbsd_user at
Wed Aug 27 10:24:08 PDT 2003

I have been running an FBSD gateway with a local lan behind it
containing 2 ms/windows boxes, the gateway connects to Adelphia ISP
over cable and has been working for the past 18 months without any
problems. Adelphia's email system was taken offline last Sunday to
address the new virus which attacks ms/windows boxes and has been in
the news. Today Wednesday when I booted FBSD gateway I no longer
have lan access to public internet. From the FBSD gateway box I can
ping IP and domain names, I can also use lynx browser to pull up web
sits. I use IPFILTER firewall and added temp rules to (pass quick
log) everything so I can get ready-trace of all packets passing
through gateway. I see LAN PC packet come into IPF get nated and
then pass out to public internet, which is really going to ISP for
pass through to public internet. I see no responses returning  from
public internet for nated Lan pc's packets. But anything originating
from gateway does get  responses returning  from public internet.
>From the Lan PC's I can telnet & FTP into gateway box just fine, I
can also pull up my personal web sit running on Apache in the
gateway box just fine. The lan works fine locally. When I cable
Adelphia's cable modem directly to MS/windows box, I get connected
to internet ok and everything works as expected.

It looks like Adelphia has activated some kind of new filter to deny
Nated packets. I thought the Nated packet did not carry any info in
it that could identify it as having been Nated after leaving the
gateway box.

Has any body experienced this?  Any help in the area of how to
further debug this problem would be appreciated?

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