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Tue Aug 26 17:20:30 PDT 2003

Currently, we use ProComm for Win95 and 2k with a VT100 emulation in
conjunction with a vendor provided keyboard and translation file that they
won't part with. I've also tested TinyTerm and it utilizes when in IBM3151
emulation mode, it provides the same translations  as ProComm and it's
combined translation file. After speaking with a few of the field techs, I
was told that anything that can provide an IBM3151 terminal emulation will
work properly.  On my aix system, under /src/misc/terminfo there is an entry
named ibm3151.ti. Under my FreeBSD 4.8 system, within
"/usr/compat/linux/usr/share/terminfo" I have a terminal file for the
ibm3151 and within /usr/compat/linux/etc/termcap there is an entry for
ibm3151 but I'm uncertain how to utilize that within the FreeBSD
environment.  I've tried importing the ibm3151 termcap entry into my FBSD
termcap and rehashing the termcap database but it garbles once I get into
the ibm environment. I'm wondering if I may actually need to get some sort
of terminal emulator for BSD instead of a straight telnet session.


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> > My department has been tasked with trying to find an alternative to
> Windows
> > in our organization. I can get the normal workplace items, spreadsheets,
> > word, etc taken care of, but I have one issue that eludes me. We have an
> > application server running on an IBM RS6000 running AIX 4.3 that
> > IBM 3151 terminal emulation. Is there anyone that has successfully been
> able
> > to utilize a termcap for the IBM3151 so that the character sets and
> function
> > keys map accordingly when using an xterm session to an IBM RS6000 system
> > running AIX?
> The naive approach would be to copy the IBM3151 definition from the
> on AIX to FreeBSD.
> I took a look on the AIX 4.3 (and 5.1) machines that I have access to and
> there is no such definition.
> What do you currently set your TERM variable to on AIX to get the desired
> emulation?
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