National Security Backdoor in telnetd - all versions.

Louis LeBlanc leblanc+freebsd at
Tue Aug 26 10:23:48 PDT 2003

On 08/26/03 01:04 PM, Lucas Holt sat at the `puter and typed:
> Even if this is true, who has telnet open anymore?  Thats like saying 
> there is a back door in WOW (the 16bit compatibility mode of Winnt to 
> run win 3.x apps).
> I'd like to see REAL proof of this.  Different file sizes don't prove 
> anything.  When I compile freebsd, i have certain optimization flags 
> set for the compiler as well as settings for 6x86 cpus.  That makes the 
> file size different too!  In order to prove anything, you would have to 
> compile the code in the exact same way it is built for FreeBSD 
> releases.  In reality, only the source code "changes" would prove it.  
> I'm not above conspiracy theories, but this seems far fetched.

Not to mention the exact same CPU, compiler version, etc..  But even
so, none of it would matter unless the hole itself were identified.  I
can tell you theres a secret door in the back of the White House all I
want, but until I show you the door, and how it opens and is hidden,
my word means absolutely nothing.  And I'd bet a nickel there is no
such proof.

I'm the last person to believe the government doesn't lie to us,
history has told us again and again that governments lie to their
people.  I just don't credit them with the intelligence and
organizational ability to pull something like this off without it
being made public with details.

Anyone wanting to respond to this thread and keep feeding the troll, I
recommend browsing this guys site first.  Can you say 'paranoia'?  How
about 'highly impressionable' or 'overactive imagination' . . .

And yeah, who the hell leaves telnetd open anymore?  I plain delete
the damn thing when I notice it's sneaked back in with an upgrade.

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