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I'm experiencing mknod errors upon rsyncing between FreeBSD machines.  I
found this post on the subject, and followed this clue to the rsync list
limited luck, where I  asked if there was something else I could do (I
am using a different version) to get around the problem with.

Can anyone help me with these?

From: Thomas Quinot (thomas at
Subject: Rsync 2.5.5: FreeBSD mknod can't create FIFO's
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 Newsgroups: mailing.unix.rsync
Date: 2002-06-24 06:05:25 PST
The following patch (adapted to rsync 2.5.5 from the one posted in
Dec. 2000,
is necessary to prevent rsync from failing on creating FIFOs or UNIX
sockets on FreeBSD. Any chance for it to be integrated in a future
release of rsync?


diff -ur work/rsync-2.5.5/ work.patch/rsync-2.5.5/
--- work/rsync-2.5.5/ Tue Apr  2 03:50:49 2002
+++ work.patch/rsync-2.5.5/ Mon Jun 24 14:41:48 2002
@@ -140,6 +140,9 @@
 /* Define if you have the `mknod' function. */
 #undef HAVE_MKNOD

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