usb to ethernet converter

Joseph I. Davida jd108 at
Sun Aug 24 22:29:37 PDT 2003

Hmm... so exactly what are "the wings" you are talking about
with respect to printing via a USB port that are absent when
the communication is over ethernet?
As I said in my message:
 >> This area needs a little clarification.
So, if you are unable to explain these wings,
(and you did not explain them at all),
how can you assume they exist? I think
your analogy is insuffient to explain the
reason why the printer's protocol works over USB and
not over an
ethernet link to - ethernet-2-usb-converter - to usb printer.

So, let us all benefit from your brilliant and
exuisite mind (sic :) and explain to all of us how and why
the upper level printer-specific print protocol
depends on the physical communication layer,
which has it's own protocol that has absolutely
nothing to do specifically with printing?
The USB bus can have many different devices connected to it,
so it can not be dedicated to handling only the printer protocol.

I repeat, I am seeking knowledgeable explanation of how
and why it would work or not work.

Thanks to any and all who care to explain this clearly.



Kevin Stevens wrote:
> On Sunday, Aug 24, 2003, at 20:26 US/Pacific, Joseph I. Davida wrote:
>> If that is the case, how is it that the
>> protocol can work over direct connection
>> to USB port and not over ethernet?
>> This area needs a little clarification.
>> All we are changing is the physical interface,
>> but keeping the rest of the filters, which do
>> the printer specific conversion to bitmaps
>> (or whatever that format is) the same. So the
>> only change would be in the physical connection.
> Exquisite reasoning.  By the same token, an airplane shouldn't need 
> wings, since it's just like a car except for the physical transport medium.
>> I just need to know more details why it cannot work.
> Yes, that's clear.  Seems you have some studying to do.  Good luck!
> KeS

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