usb to ethernet converter

Joseph I. Davida jd108 at
Sun Aug 24 20:26:12 PDT 2003

If that is the case, how is it that the
protocol can work over direct connection
to USB port and not over ethernet?
This area needs a little clarification.
All we are changing is the physical interface,
but keeping the rest of the filters, which do
the printer specific conversion to bitmaps
(or whatever that format is) the same. So the
only change would be in the physical connection.

I just need to know more details why it cannot work.



Kevin Stevens wrote:
> On Sunday, Aug 24, 2003, at 18:47 US/Pacific, Joseph I. Davida wrote:
>> I would like to use a usb-2-ethernet converter
>> (Aopen has one - found it at a web site for $12).
>> What I want to use it for is to convert a usb
>> device like a printer to an ethernet connected
>> printer.
> It's not going to work.  You need a print server of some kind (lpr, 
> Novell, AppleTalk) to handle connectivity protocol and spooling.  That 
> functionality is provided via Ethernet print servers or cards - just 
> converting the raw signaling isn't enough.
> KeS

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