mod_perl configuration questions

Joey Teel joeyteel at
Sun Aug 24 16:03:49 PDT 2003

> Joey Teel wrote:
> > Weird, that's all I had to mine to get it working, though I probably
> > have a rather oddball 
> > setup anyway since I have mine set to call the mt.cgi file 
> directly as
> > the directory index file too.
> > 
> > Try calling the mt.cgi file directly, and see what happens since it
> > looks like yours is setup to use
> > an index.html file instead of calling the script directly.
> If i call mt.cgi, I get the admin screen.
> I think it might be best to rip the whole damn thing out and start 
> over.
> -- 

By admin screen, you mean the screen where you access the blogs and
modify them right?

That's what you're wanting it to do as long as everything else is
working correctly.  All you need to do is modify your httpd.conf file to
change the DirectoryIndex of movabletype to mt.cgi.

Change your config to the one below and it should work (it's the same
one you have already, just with the DirectoryIndex directive added):

<Location /movabletype/>
DirectoryIndex mt.cgi
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::Registry
Options +ExecCGI
PerlSendHeader On
allow from all

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