mod_perl configuration questions

Joey Teel joeyteel at
Sun Aug 24 15:39:44 PDT 2003

> Joey Teel wrote:
> > Move all the static content (html, css, images, etc.) to a different
> > directory (to use the example from the MT manual, use mt-static) and
> > modify your mt.cfg file to add/change the StaticWebPath 
> option to point
> > to the location of the static files.
> OK, that's sensible. But then requesting /movabletype still gives 
> the error and /mt-static yields content without any css or images, 
> even though all the stuff is in there.
> Do i need to alias /movabletype as something else? It feels like 
> there's missing step that any reasonably clever person would do 
> automatically, but by definition, I'm missing.

Weird, that's all I had to mine to get it working, though I probably
have a rather oddball 
setup anyway since I have mine set to call the mt.cgi file directly as
the directory index file too.

Try calling the mt.cgi file directly, and see what happens since it
looks like yours is setup to use
an index.html file instead of calling the script directly.


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