emergency: can't boot! please help

OZ oz16oz2 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 24 10:17:47 PDT 2003

--- Alexander Pohoyda <alexander.pohoyda at gmx.net>
> OZ <oz16oz2 at yahoo.com> writes:
> > Well, I read that to mean that if I installed
> > /boot/boot0 with sysinstall, THEN i should copy
> > /boot/boot0 to C:\bootsect.bsd.
> Incorrect. That's what you were supposed to do:
> > /boot/boot0 needs to be installed using sysinstall
> by
> > selecting the FreeBSD boot manager on the screen
> which
> > asks if you wish to use a boot manager.
> This means that you should not deal with /boot/boot0
> file manually.

I understand this now.  Unfortunately I didn't
understand it at the time.  :(

> >                                          This is
> > because /boot/boot0 has the partition table area
> > filled with NULL characters but sysinstall copies
> the
> > partition table before copying /boot/boot0 to the
> MBR.
> > dd if=/dev/ad1 of=c:\bootbaby.sec bs=512 count=1
> This was not supposed to work as is. dd has no idea
> about your c: disk.
> So what exactly did you do?

After seeing the three or four responses to my
question, I now believe that the line above is
probably not responsible for what has happened.  I'm
inclined to believe that this line didn't really do
anything (or created some other problem I'll find out
about later).  :|

I think I must have copied /boot/boot0 from the FBSD
CD into the C:\ directory on XP (from inside XP), and
then renamed it C:\bootsect.bsd.

Then when the option came up on the NT loader's dual
boot menu, I selected it.  If I understand this
correctly (and if I'm making an accurate assessment of
the situation), the boot/boot0 (which is the null
value one from the FBSD CD -- NOT the one from my
primary slave FBSD drive) had nowhere to go, and just
sends me to the default screen:

 F5        1
 Default   F5

...where I can't hit any key without getting beeps and
nothing happening.  This, then, re-sets the default
boot information to itself which creates the endless
loops, so that rebooting just goes the same place, and
Microsoft OS and/or recovery tools can't even see the
contents of the disk, rendering any sort of repairs
apparently inoperable, at least from DOS or XP.

Thanks to Luke's suggestion, I'm currently attempting
to load Linux over FBSD to then attempt to mount the
NTFS drive, which may allow me to see the contents of
that drive, to either copy them elsewhere to salvage
the data, or to determine whether restoring it is

If you (or anyone on the list) have additional
suggestions or ideas in light of this new scenario,
please let me know urgently.  Thanks!!!

> > Please don't tell me this disk is gone.  There's
> got
> > to be a way to re-create the original partition
> table
> > or re-write a new one that will see the disk's
> > contents, etc.???
> You may try Norton Disk Utils on that disk. It may
> find and restore
> another copy of you MBR.

How can I do this when I can't read or get into the
disk?  Maybe someone has a boot floppy from which I
can do this, you can email me?  Or do I need to hook
it up to a different machine with Norton loaded on it?



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