mod_perl configuration questions

paul beard paulbeard at
Sun Aug 24 09:55:12 PDT 2003

Chuck Swiger wrote:

> When you try to add mod_perl, the result is your perl code runs faster, 
> but apache no longer serves static HTML...?  If so, that is remarkably 
> odd.  What does the Apache access and error log look like when you try 
> to access a .gif or some such that worked before you added mod_perl?

This is what I get when I uncomment the following lines:

[Sun Aug 24 09:44:13 2003] [error] access to 
/usr/www/movabletype/index.html failed for, reason: 
file permissions deny server execution

#PerlModule Apache::Registry
#<Location /movabletype/>
#SetHandler perl-script
#PerlHandler Apache::Registry
#Options +ExecCGI
#PerlSendHeader On
#allow from all

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