Server spontaneously rebooting

Chris Byrnes chris at
Sun Aug 24 09:51:06 PDT 2003

We recently have been having a problem with our server rebooting
spontaneously.  It seems to happen about every day or two.  Never had the
problem before.. started happening about a week ago when we rebooted to
change IPs on the machine and since we were rebooting anyway, we upgraded to
the latest FreeBSD -stable before the reboot.

We recently rebooted the machine ourselves to add kernel debugging stuff.
The server rebooted itself a few minutes ago and this was in

Aug 24 11:37:11 awww savecore: reboot after panic: page fault
Aug 24 11:37:11 awww savecore: no dump, not enough free space on device
(77588 available, need 919256)

Any ideas on what's going on here and how to get this figured out?

FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE #16: Wed Aug 20 23:03:32
CDT 2003     chris at  i386

Thank you for your help.


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