manage mbox files...

Chuck Rock carock at
Sun Aug 24 05:56:10 PDT 2003

Does anyone know of a utility similar to newsyslog that will handle mbox
format files?

I have Procmail sending messages to a file for some of my users, but I
would like something "automatic" to keep the file from growing to fill my

I tried using newsyslog, but it just chops the file up when it hits it's
limit, breaking the mbox format. This makes the file unreadable with Pine
or other mail clients.

I've been thinking about some kind of list archiving software, but it
doesn't seem to fit the application.

The best result I could hope for would be to have this file grow to a size
limit I determine, then start throwing messages out as new one's come in,
FIFO, and just keep the same file. I think that's asking a little much, so
something like newsyslog would be second best, just keep two files around,
the live on receiving messages, and the old one at it's limit, then when
the new one hits it's limit, the old one is gone.


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