Continuing 4.8 install problems

Clay Jones clay at
Sat Aug 23 14:29:18 PDT 2003

I discovered I had 1) A bad media burn to CD, and 2) An unsupported 
network card.  I burned disk 1 of the ISO again and purchased a new 
network card from the hardware compatibility list (My realtek is 
version 82xx not 81xx).

So after re-installing, the DLink I purchased was recognized as a 
RealTek 81xx as expected.  I assigned an IP and did other network 
configuration, and then rebooted.

Everything seemed fine, but when I shut the box down, moved it to my 
server room, and booted it back up, the network interface is now not 
discovered on boot, and does not exist.  I've rebooted several times to 
no avail, the network interface may as well not exist.

Any ideas?

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