SMBFS - Usernames with @

Paul Querna chip at
Sat Aug 23 11:57:35 PDT 2003

I am trying to mount a share with a Username with a @ in it. 
The man pages all say that you use the following form: 
//user at host/share 
My School only has documentation for Windows on setting up the Network Shares.  In all 
the windows docs they always use the form username at -- ie pquerna at 
My Attempts: 
mount_smbfs -I saints //PQuerna at$ /mnt/carroll/xdrive 
mount_smbfs: server name ' at server' too long 
I tried it without the, in the hope it might work... 
mount_smbfs -I saints //PQuerna at server/username$ /mnt/carroll/xdrive 
mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = Authentication error 
It Prompts for my password, and then fails, because its the wrong user. 
I also tried adding quotes around the username, escaping(\) the @, but nothing seemed to 
I looked around google for abit, but it doesn't seem to even use symbols when i search for 
somthing, so i couldn't find jack about this via my normal euphoric rescue on google. 
Any ideas before i get the source code out and hardcode some stuff? 

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