Dual boot from Primary Slave

OZ oz16oz2 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 22 21:34:06 PDT 2003


I'm trying to set up a dual boot system like so:

ad0 = Windows XP  (drive on primary master)
ad1 = FreeBSD  (drive on primary slave)

Both OS's are installed now and working fine.  But I
have to use GAG from a floppy to do the dual boot.  I
want to use the NT loader instead, so I don't scare
the machine's XP users.

The FAQ says I need to put a copy of /boot/boot0 into
the C: directory of XP and then rename to bootsect.bsd
and edit the boot.ini and add the line.  Well, once
it's bootsect.bsd, I know how to get into boot.ini and
do all that, but how in heck do I copy /boot/boot0
from the FreeBSD hard drive over to the XP hard drive
in the first place?

The FAQ says (with a very ominous warning) that I
can't just copy the /boot/boot0 from the CD, or the
machine will have a nervous breakdown.

There must be a command to use in FreeBSD, but the FAQ
conveniently sidesteps THAT issue.  I just can't find
it anywhere.  Help?  Please?

And if you KNOW the command, can you also explain what
its elements mean?  As a relative newbie, I find
FreeBSD's commands extremely cryptic.  Thanks!


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