Something rotten in the OS?

Kenneth Culver culverk at
Fri Aug 22 12:23:18 PDT 2003

> I think that you've just been unlucky in buying two hard drives or
> whatever which have failed prematurely.  I think if there was such a
> bug in FreeBSD, a lot more people than you would be complaining and
> heaven and earth would be being moved in order to fix it.
I would have to agree that it's probably a heat issue if you're sure the
hard drives are made by a good manufacturer. I have had hard drives go
with basically the same behavior because they didn't have any air
movement around them. Make sure those things are properly ventilated. I
doubt VERY seriously that this is a FreeBSD problem. I've been using
FreeBSD on all my own machines for roughly 6 years now, and have never
seen anything go wrong that wasn't related to bad hardware. FreeBSD is
also used in several very busy places such as and sony japan's
websites, and I doubt either of those companies would put up with what
you're seeing.

Basically to sum it up, your hardware is broken and you can be almost
totally sure it's not FreeBSD's fault. (I'd suspect overheating damaging
ur hd's or other components)


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