mod_perl 1.28 with apache 1.3.28 questions

paul beard paulbeard at
Fri Aug 22 07:06:57 PDT 2003

KONDOU, Kazuhiro wrote:
> do you want to make mod_perl with Perl 5.[68] on < 5.x system?
> you must rewrite PERL5/PERL5/PERL_VERSION/PERL_VER in
> /usr/ports/Mk/ and rebuild mod_perl with portupgrade -f.

  /usr/ports/Mk/  doesn't look like anything I want to 
mess with: it reads like it has the "No User Serviceable Parts 
Inside" label.

> if you execute cvsup/cvsync. these programs discards your changes.
> if you want to save your changes in, i recommend to
> use 'cvs up' from anonymous CVS repo. to sync ports tree.
> more easy way, use 5.x system. :)

Well, I'm not ready for that yet. This is a production system for 
me, and I'm not tackling the 5.x learning curve just yet.

People have been running mod_perl on 4.x systems, so there must be 
a way.

Paul Beard
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