Problem with fxp0: MII without any PHY

Daniel Eggert eggert at
Fri Aug 22 06:00:08 PDT 2003


I'm having problems with my Intel Pro/100 onboard LAN (fxp(4) driver). It
used to work just fine, but after I installed two rl(4) based NICs it
stopped working, even after I removed the other NICs. I get this in dmesg:

# dmesg | grep fxp
fxp0: <Intel Pro/100 Ethernet> port 0x78c0-0x78ff mem
0xfebff000-0xfebfffff irq 10 at device 8.0 on pci1
fxp0: Ethernet address 00:06:29:5b:c8:79
fxp0: MII without any PHY!
device_probe_and_attach: fxp0 attach returned 6

Is this a problem with the driver? Or is it some hardware problem?

I don't know enough about the ethernet NIC driver structure (fxp / mii /
phy) to understand exactly what's wrong.

Thanks in advance for any input,

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