Problems Installing FreeBSD 5.1-CURRENT

Armand Passelac apasselac at
Fri Aug 22 02:11:43 PDT 2003

I'm not an FreeBSD expert (as you I'm coming from linux).
But when I installed my FreeBSD on my old PC, I used these commands to preparing boot floppies :
(On linux ...) :

dd if=/mnt/cdrom/floppies/kern.flp of=/dev/fd0 bs=36b
dd if=/mnt/cdrom/floppies/mfsroot.flp of=/dev/fd0 bs=36b
dd if=/mnt/cdrom/floppies/drivers.flp of=/dev/fd0 bs=36b

Then put the CDROM and the first floppy (kern.flp)
And then follow the instructions (next floppy : mfsroot.flp)

It should be work.


[---- On Fri, 22 Aug, 2003 at  9:32, Matthew Seaman wrote: ----]
Matthew> On Thu, Aug 21, 2003 at 05:27:31PM -0700, R B wrote:
Matthew> > hi my name is pyr0teknix696 and i've been using linux
Matthew> > for 3 years and decided to try freebsd on an old AST
Matthew> > x486 with 32MB ram and a 3.16G HDD my problem is that
Matthew> > the BIOS is not able to boot from CROM drives so i
Matthew> > read through the docs and BSD and it says to create
Matthew> > boot floppies with fdimage i do everything im supposed
Matthew> > to do and the I reboot off the kernel.flp disk that
Matthew> > works fine then it says to put in msfroot.flp disk i
Matthew> > do that and then hit enter the problem is i reboot and
Matthew> > it gives a message saying something like this:
Matthew> > 
Matthew> > /kernel
Matthew> > default 0:fd(0,a)fd0
Matthew> > boot:
Matthew> > 
Matthew> > i dont know what this is can you please help me so
Matthew> > that i can actually get to the installation process
Matthew> Sounds to me like your mfsroot.flp disk didn't come out quite right.
Matthew> Floppies are not at all reliable, and a single bad sector will stop
Matthew> them working for the FreeBSD install -- the install floppies have to
Matthew> pack in a great deal of stuff and they need to use practically every
Matthew> available byte on the disks.
Matthew> Try again building a new mfsroot.flp disk, preferably on a brand new
Matthew> floppy.
Matthew> 	Cheers,
Matthew> 	Matthew
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