Toshiba T2100 Install Trouble

Aaron ILES aaronli at
Thu Aug 21 20:53:14 PDT 2003

I'm attempting to install FreeBSD 5.1 on a Toshiba T2100 laptop.
(That's a x486 with 8meg of RAM booting from floppies)

The kernel and MFS root are uncompressed ok, however, when booting the
kernel the boot pauses after just a few seconds, screens worth of
something is printed and the machine reboots. All this happens to
quickly for me to read most of the output. I did however read this line.

> fatal trap 12  ...

I have also attempted this install with FreeBSD 4.7. A similar reboot
occurs. No copious output is produced though.

Does any one know how to log the install process so I can debug this

Does any one know what fatal trap 12 is?


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