FreeBSD as router - performance vs hardware routers

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Thu Aug 21 16:50:49 PDT 2003

--- "J. Seth Henry" <jshamlet at> wrote:
> First, and I know this is off-topic, is anyone here happy with their
> router enough to recommend it? I'd prefer to go with a hardware router,
> but I prize reliability and stability apparently higher than the current
> crop of manufacturers. Even the Cisco SOHO9x/83x series has a bad track
> record, and they are $250/$500 respectively! I'd like to keep it under
> $300, as I can build a mini-ITX box with everything I need for a router
> for about that.

where are you getting these reviews?  the 83x series is a replacement for
the 806 and 827 which is a very solid router that runs the full IOS, not
some stripped version.  the 83x are relatively new devices, so i'm not
sure how they can get a bad track record.  i've read nothing that gives
these devices a poor review.  any problem these devices will have will be
IOS related problems.  i don't see how the hardware can be flaky.

> Also, can a FreeBSD router support things like the Vonage VOIP box (the
> Cisco ATA186)?

doesn't vonage use proprietary tech for their VoIP solutions?  

i dunno, i'm of the school, if you want to get use a router... then buy
just that, a router.

if you have access to someone who is a cisco netacad student, ask them to
purchase a 831 for you.  netacad students have an option for a one time
purchase for one 831 for somewhere around $200-$250.

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