IP Problems

Ben Dover nuckingfutsto at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 21 16:00:33 PDT 2003

   OK, this is difficult to explain and my problem is probably bigger than 
what I have found but here goes.  I have a dedicated 5.1 FreeBSD box and 
when I did a dmesg I received a repeating message as follows:
arplookup 66.246.xx.1 failed: host is not on local network
   This peaked my curiosity so I pinged the bank of IP's I have in the range 
of that IP and I was able to ping them with a response.
   Something quick I can do to test to see if the IP will bind is compile an 
IRC bouncer.  I found the bouncer would not bind to the IP 66.246.xx.185 as 
a normal account user and the bouncer would not function.  If I SU to root 
and start the bouncer the IP would bind and the bouncer would function 
correctly.  It should be noted that the bouncer was compiled as the normal 
account user.
   I have two different sets of IP's on my box and I have added them in the 
rc.conf in the following way:
ifconfig_sis0_alias10="inet 209.123.xx.200 netmask"
ifconfig_sis0_alias11="inet 66.246.xx.185 netmask"
   Do I have the IP's added wrong in rc.conf?  What am I doing wrong? Why do 
I receive the dmesg which appears to be an error?  Any assistance would be 

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