Calendar program dates

Charles Howse chowse at
Thu Aug 21 08:43:43 PDT 2003

> > OK, I jumped the gun here.
> > After browsing through some of the calendar.* files, I 
> realize that it
> > sends an event for tomorrow if no event for today exists.
> > Sorry about that.  :-)
> >
> From the man page:-
>      The calendar utility checks the current directory for a 
> file named
>      calendar and displays lines that begin with either 
> today's date or tomor-
>      row's.  On the day before a weekend (normally Friday), 
> events for the
>      next three days are displayed.

I read the man page before I posted, but didn't understand what "either
today's date or tomorrow's." meant before I browsed the calendar.*
files.  I thought it might be set to display tomorrow's date by default
and I needed to set it to display today's date.

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