Problems with PCI RAID installation on FreeBSD 4.8

Christopher Raven c.raven at
Thu Aug 21 07:03:12 PDT 2003

I am trying to install FreeBSD 4.8 onto an Intel ISP2150 that I have ripped 
the SCSI cabling and boards from in place of a PCI RAID system. All seems 
to have gone well and I can boot and configure the RAID card locally 
(4x80GB). However, FreeBSD insists in seeing the RAID (supposedly striped 
and mirrored) as 4 separate disks... ad4 -> 7.

Is this correct? Do I need to change something here in FreeBSD as I can't 
see anything obvious in the docs or from searching the web on this?

If I continue the installation FreeBSD asks me to choose one of the disks 
it sees for the install and seemingly ignores the others. The geometry 
displayed during the install is correct on a per disk basis (i.e. it shows 
80 not 160....).

BTW, I'm not subscribed so please CC me on any reply....

Chris R.

Christopher Raven
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