trouble installing FreeBSD 5.1 on Vaio PCG-Z505VR/K and PCG N505

Till Plewe till at
Wed Aug 20 23:35:51 PDT 2003

I run into the following problems trying to get FreeBSD5.1 onto the above
two laptops (neither of which has a built in floppy/cd)

I use a USB floppy drive.
(I only have a Panasonic KXL-808AN CDROM which is not recognized)
I used 4 sets of boot floppies ( so floppies should not be the problem)

Vaio PCG-Z505VR/K

I insert kern.flp and then mfsroot.flp, but then the kernel boots up to 
umass1 and then the kernel panics.
The last lines are:
umass1: CBI reset failed, SHORT_XFER
umass1: CBI bulk-in stall clear failed, TIMEOUT
panic: Removing other than first element

Vaio PCG N505

kern.flp and then mfsroot.flp work (drivers.flp doesn't; the floppy
drive is not found any longer) kernel boots.

Trying to get to install the various distribution sets I get the
following problems:

network I tried many networks cards, some of them on the list of
supported hardware all refuse to configure the interface (ed1,wi0)
using DHCP

>From a dos partition: I get dos partition not found. 
I installed netbsd (installs without a hitch),
made a dos partition (using netbsd),
put the distribution sets in a directory /freebsd,
reboot with the boot floppies
select install from a dos partition 
distribution sets not found or some such message (I forgot)
Since the {Free,Net}BSD naming schemes for hard drives differ
I had some problems for FreeBSD to recognize the dos partition
(it was hiding inside the NetBSD partition)

Please cc any suggestions you might have to me.



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