Andy Fawcett andy at athame.co.uk
Wed Aug 20 22:52:53 PDT 2003

On Thursday 21 August 2003 05:01, Rob Lahaye wrote:

> > Why didn't you use the port? ( /usr/ports/print/lyx ). It usually
> > takes care of these problems.
> No it doesn't; the lyx port has the same problem!
> I compiled LyX 1.3.2 from ports as "make WITH_QT=yes", to build
> LyX/Qt.

FWIW, the lyx port (with Qt enabled) is working fine for me, on 5.1R and 
up to date KDE/Qt installed.

Of course, this may be a 4.x issue, and I don't have a 4.x system to 
test on.


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