gnuplot, libtool, pdflib install hassles under FreeBSD 4.8

paul van den bergen pvandenbergen at
Wed Aug 20 22:09:39 PDT 2003

Hi all,

if you look at the end of my wits, you will see me...

In a vain attempt to get further away from windows I decided to install 

running freebsd 4.8
compiled from the ports collection, can't find pdflib-4.0.3.tar.gz... OK, I go 
looking, no longer exists, now v5.0.1...

cvsup the ports collection....

now looks for PDFlib-5.0.1 etc... still no luck, go looking there are various 
confusing varieties...  download freebsd versions for regular, Lite and the 
Unix Lite src....  all to no avail.  (the file ports wants does not seem to 
have any instrutcions about how to manually or otherwise construct a working 

OK, finally locate the right file, get it all in place, run.... it compiles 
the pdf library... sort of, then I get libtool version clash...

libtool: ltconfig version `1.3.4-freebsd-ports' does not match 
version `1.3.5-freebsd-ports'


OK, compile PDFlib-Lite from the source... following the readme instructions 
(the usual ./configure, make, make install), all seems fine...

back to gnuplot

still does not work...  seems the pdflib has not registered...

root at blah:/usr/ports/math/gnuplot# make
===>   gnuplot-3.7.3_2 depends on shared library: png.5 - found
===>   gnuplot-3.7.3_2 depends on shared library: pdf.5 - not found
===>    Verifying install for pdf.5 in /usr/ports/print/pdflib
===>  Building for pdflib-5.0.1

then it starts with the libtool message above again...

(small voice)


Dr Paul van den Bergen
Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures
pvandenbergen at
"And some run up hill and down dale, knapping the chucky stones 
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They say it is to see how the world was made."
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