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Wed Aug 20 20:59:54 PDT 2003

royceag wrote:
> royceag at
> I started trying to use FreeBsd back in v. 4.5.
> This was with a Pentium 200MMX, standard IDE ATAPI cd-rom.
> Now, I'm with an AMD, Athelon 950, with a standard IDE ATAPI
> cd-rom, (56x, the former was a 24x). I still get the now
> irritating error; can't find cd-rom.
> Five years (?) ago, I could actually get it installed, but
> couldn't get past root-password.
> Everything goes just fine up to; where do you want to install
> from?  CD_ROM -- can't find cd-rom.
> I've had the cd-rom on Primary/Slave - Secondary/Master,
> and Secondary/Slave, and as CS. What the heck am I doing
> wrong?? I have FreeBSD v. 5.1 on cds, any way of actually
> getting them installed?  Thanks for whatever you can do.
When you boot the system in to freebsd it tells you stuff. One of those 
stuffs is drive information. SOmething like this:

SMP: AP CPU #1 Launched!
ad0: DMA limited to UDMA33, non-ATA66 cable or device
ad0: 39205MB <Maxtor 6E040L0> [79656/16/63] at ata0-master WDMA2
ad2: 4103MB <ST34321A> [8894/15/63] at ata1-master WDMA2
ad3: 4124MB <SAMSUNG VG34323A (4.32GB)> [14896/9/63] at ata1-slave WDMA2
acd0: CDROM <CDM-P523> at ata0-slave PIO3

Also, if you forget your root password (this is practically a FAQ) then 
when you boot up it says something like press enter to start booting and 
  any key to get in to some sort of thing. So press space. When faced 
with a prompt type 'boot -s' then enter. This will boot the system in to 
single user mode and you can change the password from there. I think the 
command is 'pw'.


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