Whatever happened to CrossFS ??

PatrickArnoux at WesternUnion.com PatrickArnoux at WesternUnion.com
Wed Aug 20 08:23:36 PDT 2003

Does any one know the whereabouts of CrossFS ?

CrossFS was a port of the FreeBSD VFS to WindowsNT in order to implement
an NFS C lient/Server running under ifsMgr.

The web site is gone and the domain has lapsed.

If any one has the source in their archives, knows the whereabouts of the 
author, or
can point me to where I can further pursue this search, please let me 
Any and All informations is welcome.

As I don't subscribe to the list could you please reply at;
        p.a.t.r.i.ck.a.r.n.o.ux at westernunion.com
or      pa.r.n.ou.x at adelphia.net

Please remove the dots in the names, thank you.
I apologize for mangling the addresses above, but I am trying to keep my 
spam level
to a reasonable roar.

Patrick Arnoux

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