help transistiong to Gnome 2

Simon Barner barner at
Wed Aug 20 05:55:37 PDT 2003

> However, i have a few questions.
> 1. How can I set up an icon on the panel to start an X term?
> 2. Is there no weather aplet?
> 3. How can I set up an icon to start Galeon?

Although these are not FreeBSD specific questions, here is what you want
to know:

To set up an icon in the panel, right-click on the Panel, choose "Add to
Panel", then either "Launcher..." to add an application that is not
already in the Gnome menu, or "Launcher from menu".

add 2) there is a wheater applet (right click -> "Add to Panel" ->
"Accessories" -> "Weather report"), but it does not work for me at the
moment (it used to work for some time, though).

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