Who installed games on my system?

Vince Hoffman Vince.Hoffman at uk.circle.com
Wed Aug 20 05:26:39 PDT 2003

Have a look at make.conf to stop it building games (or edit your cvsup file
to not download the games source.)
if you on 4.x the default make.conf is in /etc/defaults/make.conf
5.1 seems not to have that but there is an example in

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> Subject: Who installed games on my system?
> Hi,
> After yesterday's cvsup and buildworld, I see that the games have been
> installed.
> I select the kernel-developer distribution when installing, and that
> doesn't include games.
> I 'did' elect to cvsup all the ports and all the source code, but how
> did the games get installed?
> Thanks,
> Charles
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