Virus found in sent message "Re: That movie"

System Anti-Virus Administrator virus-log at
Tue Aug 19 23:34:00 PDT 2003

Attention: <freebsd-questions at>.

A Virus was found in an Email message you sent. 
This Email scanner intercepted it and stopped the entire message
reaching it's destination. 

The Virus was reported to be: 

Win32/Sobig.F at mm

Please update your virus scanner or contact your I.T support 
personnel as soon as possible as you have a virus on your system.

Your message was sent with the following envelope:

MAIL FROM: freebsd-questions at
RCPT TO:   freundin.mail at 

... and with the following headers:

From:    <freebsd-questions at>
To:      <freundin.mail at>
Subject: Re: That movie
Date:    Wed, 20 Aug 2003 8:33:05 +0200

The original message is kept in:

where the System Anti-Virus Administrator can further diagnose it.

The Email scanner reported the following when it scanned that message:


---ravav results ---
RAV AntiVirus command line for Linux i686.
Version: 8.3.0.
Copyright (c) 1996-2001 GeCAD The Software Company. All rights reserved.
Searching for the engine in '/usr/local/rav8/'...
Registered version.

Scan engine 8.11 for i386.
Last update: Tue Aug 19 09:32:18 2003

Scanning for 81518 malwares (viruses, trojans and worms).

Scanning with following configuration:
 * checking all files!
 * checking inside archive files!
 * don't check for mail files!
 * heuristic scanning is activated!
 * integrity check is enabled!
 * don't use report file!

/mail/s...b.scanner.um106136118643819931 - OK

/mail/s...31/1061361188.19994-0.lnxh-099 - OK

/mail/s...6118643819931/your_details.pif Infected: Win32/Sobig.F at mm

Scan results:
Time: 0 second(s).
Objects scanned: 3. New objects: 3
Infected: 1. Different virus bodies: 1.
Files: 3. Directories: 1. Archives: 0. Packed: 0. Mail files: 0.
Warnings: 0.


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