Qt compiled from ports: inconvenient default to threaded libs?

Rob Lahaye lahaye at snu.ac.kr
Tue Aug 19 22:50:57 PDT 2003


I have compiled qt-3.1.2_1 from ports "as is".

It appears that FreeBSD defaults to creating the threaded libraries,
which confuses certain configure scripts.

Problem is that configure scripts of some software needs tweeking:
add -DTHEAD_SAFE, replace "-lc" by "-lc_r", etc.

(main reason is that compilation with threading is so much
different on FreeBSD than this is, for example, on Linux)

However, life would be much easier if either
    Qt ports build creates both, threaded and unthreaded libs
    The Qt ports build allows creating only the unthreaded libs.

Is there any good reason why the threaded libs are choosen to
be the default, without offering easy MAKE options to change
this behaviour?


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