PCM on my laptop is broken

Chipp Zanuff ChippZanuff at hotpop.com
Tue Aug 19 19:36:31 PDT 2003


I have problem with my laptop;it freezes/crashes on BOOT when I compile "device pcm" into the kernel.

I tried loading snd_pcm, but nothign happens. kldstat shows snd_pcm, but no entries in /dev

also, there aren;t any messages in /var/logs/messages when i kldload the sound module.

i tried inserting snd_neomagic_load="YES" into loader.conf but that only nets the same result as if i compiled "device pcm" in the kernel.

yes, sound does exist. it is a neomagic sound chip. 256AV. sound detection is where it freezes at in the broken kernel.

I read the sound documetation, (no help), posted the problem on a few forums (no help).

Maybe someone here is better? 


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