Make buildworld failure

Charles Howse chowse at
Tue Aug 19 13:49:46 PDT 2003

> > cd /usr/src
> > make buildworld (drat, I should have done make -j4 buildworld!)
> Actually, no, don't do the -j4 - I think that's why it worked.
> I was fiddling with the -j flag once and ran into a bunch of
> problems, when it was pointed out that this isn't a "supported"
> way of doing a make buildworld. I stopped using it and all was
> well.

Very interesting.
On page 490 of "FreeBSD Unleashed" it references the -j4 parameter as a
way to speed up the make buildworld process by spawning multiple
simultaneous processes.

The same thing is referenced in Chapter 20 of the FreeBSD Handbook.

Is this now depreciated?

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