Install of 4.8 hangs after recognising harddrives

Ville Lundberg kelso at
Tue Aug 19 12:22:42 PDT 2003

It seems like the install hangs on the probing of the next hardware,
whatever that is. I tried to install without any harddrives connected, and
it hung after the line that was previously before the HD probe.
How could I get to know what part hangs the install? What comes (usually?)
after the HD probe? I tried to get a debug screen with alt-f2 but it didn't
work (the install is not far enough?)

The probe list was something like
ppc0 yada yada
plip0 yada yada
ad0 yada yada at ata0-master, UDMA100
ad1 yada yada at at0-slave, UDMA66

and then it hung. If I disconnected the HDs, it hung after the plip0 line.
Any help appreciated,

Ville Lundberg

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