Sound card setting on FreeBSD5.0 ???

Vlado Korcek vladokorcek at
Tue Aug 19 00:21:38 PDT 2003

   Hi People,

   I've tried to set up the sound card on my machine but unsuccessfully

   I'm running FreeBSD 5.0. The MB is Abit NF7-S based on nForce2
   chipset. The sound card is on board:  AC 97 CODEC on board
   I've compiled the KERNEL with "device pcm" in order to get the audio
   running. But when I reboot the system and then I check for the device,
   I see nothing:

   grep pcm /var/run/dmesg.boot  - shows no pcm device
   dmesg | grep pcm - no device listed

   Could anyone advice me what can be the problem and how to get it

   Thanks in advance!



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