Installing webmin 1.100

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Mon Aug 18 16:21:16 PDT 2003

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> On Tue, 19 Aug 2003 09:15:21 -0600, dhunt wrote
> > I tried to install webmin by the instructions and ended up
> > with a no-go on it.
> Hmm ... where is your problem? Until now I haven't installed webmin on
> FreeBSD (only on different Linux-Boxes), but the way should be as
> described on
> gunzip webmin-1.100.tar.gz
> tar xf webmin-1.100.tar
> cd webin-1.100
> ./ /usr/local/webmin
> Then the script asks you some questions and so on ...
> Of course, you could also install webmin from ports (I think there is a
> port). I like the way, webmin is updating itself, so I never took an
> existing package.
> If you had any further problems, feel free to ask again.
> With kind regards,

I'll try it again.  But the script didn't seem to work.  Do you run it from
the root? or the downloaded area?

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