[JunkMail] IPF & DHCP request

Mike Maltese mike at pcmedx.com
Mon Aug 18 15:41:39 PDT 2003

x.x.x.x/32 isn't supposed to be your IP, it's your ISP's DHCP server
address. Find that out from your ISP and insert it there. What I did was set
it to "from any to any", then checked dhclient.leases to find out what
server was giving my my information.

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That's not the point, the dhcp works, what doesnt work is the ipf.rules
(don't let the DHCP work), and i dont have internet anyway, my question was
in this line:

> #----------------------------------------------------------------
> # Allow bootp traffic in from your ISP's DHCP server only.
> #----------------------------------------------------------------
> pass in quick on ed0 proto udp from X.X.X.X/32 to any port = 68 keep state

i change X.X.X.X/32 for what?! if i dont have a "stable" IP!?
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