Problem installing 5.1-relase on machine with SCSI and SX6000

csmith at csmith at
Mon Aug 18 14:45:49 PDT 2003

> <Snipped>
> The system features 9 disks altogether. Three of them connected to a LSI
> 53c8xx SCSI controller (dont actually remember the two last digits, but I
> beleive it to be of little relevance, I will find out if necessary) and the
> other six are connected to a Promise SX6000 card. The Promise SX6000 is
> configured for providing a single large volume (RAID 5). One of the SCSI
> disks are meant for the "system" and the IDE disks for "storage".
> My problem is this; when I try to install all I get in fdisk is the pst0
> disk (aka Promise card with it's attached disks) the SCSI disks don't even
> show up.

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