Make world question

Charles Howse chowse at
Mon Aug 18 14:11:09 PDT 2003

> > *default
> > *default  base=/usr
> > *default  prefix=/usr
> > *default  release=cvs
> > *default  tag=RELENG_4
> RELENG_4 gets you 4.8-STABLE.  From what you say above, you probably
> want RELENG_4_8 which gets you 4.8-RELEASE-p3 at the moment.

Thanks for a very informative reply!

For clarity, would it be fair to say:
4.8-RELEASE-p3 is to 4.8-RELEASE as
Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 is to Windows 2000?

If so, then I would edit /etc/cvsupfile *before* running cvsup, and
after that I would *definitly* 'make world'...?

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