Problems after CVSUP

Tuc tuc at
Sun Aug 17 07:51:26 PDT 2003


	I CVSUP every other day or so, depends on when I remember. Any time
there is something out of date, I portupgrade it.

	Within the last week, after CVSUP, it appears I loaded something thats
really wreaking havock on my system. 

	My Netscape browser is SLOW AS HELL. If in my window manager I double 
click to tuck it up under the bar, then again to expand it down, it "stutters" 
and then finally refreshes. Any time I surf to a page it takes forever to 
build the page.

	When I start GAIM, it looks like the popup boxes for it "blink" a
few dozen times before it stops.  I can type a sentence into the box, and press
enter, and sometimes 5-10 seconds later it'll finish writing the text in the
box and then accept the enter. 

	The problem is I don't remember what I portupgraded in the last week
before I finally realized what happened. Is there something I can do to find
out, and then do a test backout of it to see if it fixes things?

	Has anyone heard/seen this before and maybe know what the issue is?

		Thanks, Tuc/TTSG Internet Services, Inc.

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