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Fri Aug 15 22:06:22 PDT 2003

Yes these rules will permit all traffic in and out. That's the point. It's
process of elimination, and these rules intended to be temporary, and to
rule out the possiblilty of your ruleset being the problem. Use them until
you figure out what the real problem is. Now, what does your NAT ruleset
look like?

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I can't ping the outside world from my gateway, and dont have any type of
acess from my gateway!!

pass in quick on ep0 all
pass out quick on ep0 all

pass in quick on ep1 all
pass out quick on ep1 all

pass in quick on lo0 all
pass out quick on lo0 all

i put these rules, and then the rest of the rules that i have?! but this
rules would permit every type of traffic under my network, isnt it ?!
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