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Vlad D. Markov markov at
Fri Aug 15 19:27:11 PDT 2003

Exceed is a Windows Xserver implementation for Microsoft Windows
platforms (maybe others). One can use it many different ways to do what
you want. I haven't used it in over a year.

I think the closest thing similar to VNC is to use xdm. Exceed can give
you a "chooser" from which you select the host and then get a graphical
logon prompt. The entire Exceed window is the display from the xclient.
The help in exceed explains how to do this. Setting up the Unix boxes
can be challenging for the inexperienced.

The folks who use it at work basically rsh into the unix box, fire off
an X application passing in the display of the computer running exceed
and up pops a window on their PC. That is kind of insecure. Its one of
the selections in Exceed.

Last time I played with it, I had exceed act as a Xserver and then used
Putty to ssh into the Unix box and fire of an X application with my PC's

The help for Exceed was pretty good and its better than the other
products we had at work. The on-line help is the place to look.
On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 02:25:55 +0100
Matt Heath <matt at> wrote:

> george wrote:
> >I have a few headless boxes and would like to be able to
> >bring up the xserver remotely using Exceed but have no idea
> >on how to go about it.
> >
> >anyone point me to a tutorial or instructions for this?
> >
> >I dont want to run vncserver but i would like a similiar approace
> >without the web
> >interface if possible, we did something similiar on a Sun machine at
> >work all the time but i dont know what they set up to allow wheather
> >it be rexec or rlogin. Please help.
> >
> I have no idea about Exceed and it is not a great search term
> here's how I run programs remotely that display locally :
> local% startx
> ...
> local% ssh -X remote
> remote% xclock
> and xclock pops up on my local display with the remote time
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