Gateway problemas

Mike Maltese mike at
Fri Aug 15 17:36:18 PDT 2003

> block in log all
> block out log all

You don't need these since you used IPFITLER_DEFAULT_BLOCK (per your last
message). If you want to log blocked traffic, add

block in log quick on ep1 all

at the end of your rules for that interface.

You may want to try setting all interfaces to pass in/out quick until you
achieve connectivity.

> hostname=""
> ifconfig_rl0="DHCP"
> ifconfig_rl1=""
> kern_securelevel_enable="NO"
> sendmail_enable="NONE"
> sshd_enable="YES"
> usbd_enable="YES"
> inetd_enable="NO"
> portmap_enable="NO"
> ipfilter_enable="YES"
> ipfilter_rules="/etc/ipf.rules"
> ipnat_enable="YES"
> ipnat_rules="/etc/ipf.rules"
> ipmon_enable="YES"
> ipmon_flags="-Dsn"

You're missing gateway_enable="YES". Do a sysctl net.inet.ip.forwarding to
ensure that this sysctl is indeed set to 1. Then you don't need the entry is

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