Make popa3d listen on specific interface

Frank Reppin frank.reppin at
Fri Aug 15 16:21:28 PDT 2003


Lowell Gilbert wrote:

> "Charles Howse" <chowse at> writes:
>>Below is a portion of netstat -an.
>>Notice that my pop server (popa3d) is listening on all interfaces.
>>tcp4       0      0  *.110                  *.*

wouldn't it be possible to change this whilst editing
<params.h> within the source? I just downloaded popa3d
and it shows:

  * The address and port to listen on.
#define DAEMON_ADDR         ""   /* INADDR_ANY */
#define DAEMON_PORT         110

but I have to mention that I dunno if the port can handle this. :/ must 
check first
But at least it should be possible to bind popa3d to a specific interface.

>>I really don't need this, not doing any internet pop'ing, just doing LAN
>>Is there any way to make popa3d listen on
> No.  You need a smarter server for that.
> You can use a firewall to protect it, but it doesn't 
> know or care about IP interfaces.



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