freebsd 5.1 isc-dhcpd w/ multiple vlan interfaces

Martin Blapp mb at
Fri Aug 15 14:41:16 PDT 2003


>I am trying to have DHCP 3.1rc11 from ports provide dhcp for 18 =
>different vlans. It detects the first 14 vlans without difficulty, then =
>just flatly ignores each additional vlan through vlan 18. I have created =
>a separate config file with definitions for just the networks on vlans =
>14-18, and dhcpd ignores them still.
>The machine is a Compaq DL360G3 with the broadcom 5703x adapters. I am =
>using 5.1-RELEASE.
>The vlan interfaces are up, active, properly configured and seem to be =
>passing traffic. I moved the vlans to a different machine that did not =
>have so many and it was able to do dhcp without difficulty.
>Is this a known bug? I have not had the opportunity to research the =

Not that I know. Can you compile isc-dhcpd with -DDEBUG ? And then run
in full verbose mode ?

Is promiscuous mode working fine on the vlans where dhcpd ignores ?
(try tcpdump on them)


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