Copying and pasting text w/ mouse

K Anderson freebsduser at
Fri Aug 15 14:34:56 PDT 2003

Charles Howse wrote:
>>Hi there,
> Hi, thanks for the reply.
>>I have a Logitech trackman marble + (two buttons and a third that is 
>>also the wheel) and I just left-drag then middle button (the wheel) 
>>click. You might have the same thing if you have a wheel on 
>>yours if not 
>>then you should be able to press both buttons (left & right) 
>>if you are 
>>using 3rd button emulation and that should do it for you.
> I bet I'm going to run into trouble on this, I have a Belkin KVM that I
> use to switch between 3 computers on my desk.
> I've had mouse issues with it in the past, i.e. if I configure it for a
> scroll mouse in a Linux gui, then switch to Windows, the mouse pointer
> jumps all over the screen, completely unusable.
> I just tried setting it up again in sysinstall, and it's jumping
> everywhere and corrupting the display, I have to ^C to recover control
> of console before I can get out of mouse configuration.
> Too bad, I have no issues with mousing on my Redhat 9 box, or my XP box,
> is there any way to copy and paste w/o mouse in console?
> Any way to trick mouse config in sysinstall?  It seems like the only
> PS/2 options are the defaults. 
For the sake of testing, put the mouse directly to the FreeBSD system 
and reboot (well you might not actually have to reboot but check to see 
if moused is running and if so kill it and then restart it).

If you have a serial mouse then figure out what port it is on then issue 
a 'moused -p /dev/cuaa0 -t intellimouse'  (if you are unsure of your 
mouse type then change intellimouse to auto. This is on the assumption 
that your mouse is on serial port 1).

Check out the man page for moused for further help with mousercizing and 
various options.

I'm not sure if this is the problem but PS/2 mices are (IMHO) finicky 
when disconnected. If your KVM switch has a reset then press it and see 
if that gives FreeBSD a hand in preventing your caffinated mouse.

Don't know if it will do what you want but check out 'man cut' and 'man 

Hope something here helps.

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