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I had the same problem for a while and gave up on the floppies. I created
a bootable CD-ROM and booted from it through the SRM console. There are
bootable ISO's in the ALPHA/ directory on the (and
mirrors) server.

In the SRM I found out which drive was the CD-ROM and told the console to
boot from it. After the darkness and reboot of the SRM it booted and
loaded the cdrom fine.

I'm using 4.8-RELEASE on a Alpha 1000a on a EVA5. It's a little pokier
than I remember on Tru64 4.0F but I am much more comfortable with FreeBSD
and the lack of "License Paks" on this hardware.



If you know more power to you but:

1 - To see which drives were identified by the SRM console type:

>>> show config

The drives should have funky names like dka#.0.0.#000.0 and the likes and
a text string that 'may' identify the drive.

2 - Once you identify the drive you want to boot from type:

>>> boot dka#.0.0.#000.0

The screen will go black and you will re-post.

Hope this helps.

On Fri, 15 Aug 2003, d wrote:

> hi.  im trying to install freebsd 5.1 to my alpha's.  im new to all this but im pretty sure ive done things properly so im sort of confused.  here goes..
> i downloaded the kern.flp and mfsroot.flp using an ftp client in binary mode.  i used brand new disks which i formatted freshly before using both fdimage and rawrite to write the images.  (i've tried this process about a half dozen times now.. )  each time i get an error that the disks arent bootable. (block 0 errors)  any ideas?   
> thanks  J
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